Introduction To The Final Four Teams

After the recent conclusion of the Elite Eight games, we finally have the four best college teams in NCAA Div I men’s basketball. The teams for this year’s Final Four include the Florida Gators, the University of Connecticut Huskies, the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the Wisconsin Badgers. Here is a closer look at the teams and their chances of winning the ultimate prize in men’s college basketball.

Florida Gators

It is not a surprise that the Florida Gators entered the Final Four this year. They have an incredible winning streak going for them heading into the Final Four- 30 wins so far. Credit that to their better all-around game and execution. They have proven to be a nightmare for many teams and are considered to be the team to beat in this tournament. But there is something that people also need to consider before locking the Gators in for the overall championship. They will be facing the UConn Huskies in the Final Four, the last team to beat them sometime in December of last year.

UConn Huskies

The University of Connecticut Huskies were not even considered to get into the Final Four amid the rash of controversies that affected their basketball program. From academic issues to their coach retiring midway into the college basketball season, the Huskies have been through quite a lot that can make any college basketball team lose focus. That is why many people wrote them off early in the tournament. But the Huskies proved everyone wrong and got into the Final Four anyway. They still have more left to prove as they try to battle the Gators for the privilege of chasing after a championship after winning it back in 2011. But they will have their hands full against the Gators.

Kentucky Wildcats

If there were any team that faced the most challenges this season, it would have to be the Wildcats. No, they do not face controversies that UConn had to. Their challenge was having all-freshmen starters playing in their games. Some may say that the inexperience will doom the team in the early rounds. But it has not happened so far. Sure, there were a lot of close calls during the tournament. But it just showed the team’s composure during the final seconds where experience always mattered most. This young team seems to have acquired that during this tournament. They showed focus and composure while facing tough teams like Wichita State, last year’s champion Louisville and top seed Michigan. The Wildcats are certainly capable to take it all the way. But they need to face and beat the Wisconsin Badgers first.

Wisconsin Badgers

The second seed Badgers are always known as a tough team to play against. They always grind it out to come out with a win, no matter who they are facing. But with an added offensive efficiency that was not available to them in previous years, the Badgers have become a more dangerous opponent to go against. The Kentucky Wildcats will have their hands full in this matchup.